About The Addos


He is a student at heart who loves to share what he learns. In everything seeking wisdom, as his dad taught him to do. His career as a Math teacher has been the means God used to bring him out of his comfort zone. It started with teaching overseas. And that led to unexpected changes.  Changes that are now bringing him back to gifts and talents he once gave up in order to be a "responsible adult".


She is in every way an emotional being, driven by a desire to perfectly serve her Creator. But her desire for perfection continuously crumbles down showing all her imperfections in every stage of life; as a person, a daughter, a wife, a mother. However, that same drive keeps her moving forward until she becomes the woman He created her to be, through her Creator's strength and mercy.

1 + 1 = 1 IN GOD AND FOR GOD

Today Mr. and Mrs. Addo are business partners working together to serve God through the use of the talents He placed in them. However, this partnership almost didn't happen. And so many other times almost dissolved completely. A very difficult first year of marriage led to six years of slow healing and picking up the pieces of what they both thought would be a marriage with purpose. Well, it is. It is a marriage with purpose, but not in the ways, or in the timing, or even in the place, they thought it would all happen.

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The Addos - ChosenAnt



Right now the purpose is to continue to learn and put in practice God's truth as He reveals it in His Word. Then to use the talents the Creator has instilled in order to create merchandise and content that will truly bring value to all who own them and even those who simply view it. Everyday brings challenges and refining from God, but The Addos are determined to serve Him despite all their imperfections.


Proverbs 6:6 says, "Go to the ant you sluggard, consider her ways and be wise." The Bible has more to say about ants, but this in particular has become a sort of anthem for the Addos. Why? Because it has been a personal challenge to them to let go of distractions, to prepare and work in the areas God calls them to, and to produce what He has called them to. As followers of The Way, striving to hear "good and faithful servant" when standing before the throne of the Most High God, is the goal. They know they are Chosen. And so are you if you choose to accept His call for your life.


ChosenAnt is here to bring you merchandise and content that highlights God's truth. We pray constantly to be led by the Holy Spirit to create content and designs with powerful messages. We pray for the people who will view each shirt, each hoodie, each post, and for those who will purchase an item to help spread His truth. But we cannot do it alone. Without your participation, buying merchandise, sharing photos of what you buy, talking to people who show interest in the merch, sharing the blog posts on social media, we cannot spread His truth. We are a tool that you can use to strengthen your walk-in Jesus Christ and to share His truth to the hurting world around us.


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